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Name-Dr.Chhaganlal Ambashanker Trivedi
Date Of Birth- 31/07/1905
Birth Place- Gondal,Gujarat State,India
Education- LCPS,Mumbai University (1927)
Work History- Staff Doctor,Takhtesinhji Hospital (1927-1937)
                        Staff Doctor,Umrala State Clinic (1937-1941)
                       Resident House Surgeon,Takhtsinhji Hospital.
                      Private Practise,Bhavnagar (1954-2002)

                                        Dr.C.A.Trivedi earned his LCPS from Mumbai in 1927.He spent the first ten years of his career as a staff doctor at Takhtsinji Hospital in Bhavnagar,manning the outpatient clinic there and relieving other doctors throughout Bhavnagar District when they took leave.In 1937,Dr.Trivedi was transferred to the village of Umrala.As a doctor,this assignment was tantamount to Excile,as the local popolace there shunned modern medicine in favour of Traditional remedies and Ayurvedic practises. This made for very little patient traffic at the state sponsored clinic and Dr.Trivedi was frustrated and largely idle for the first six months.However,after chancing upon an opportunity to successfully treat a snakebite victim,patients slowly began to materialize.Within another six months,word has spread about his skills and patients were coming in droves 150 of them a day,from miles around.The local newspaper began carrying frequent mentions of his clinical prowess and after a few years his superiors took notice.The chief medical officer in Bhavnagar,Skeptical of the reports,paid a visit.After seeing firsthand what Dr.trivedi was able to accomplish in tiny Umrala,the chief tranferred him back to Takhtsinji where he became Resident House Surgeon.It was there where he hined his skills in a variety of Disciplines including Anaesthesiology,Gynecology,Radiology,Pathology and Surgery.His greatest talent would lay,however,in determining diagnoses.In a time and place which lacked the full array of modern medical testing advancements,his superb observational skills,patients communication and medical instinct allowed him to quickly select the appropriate treatments.

On the verge of being transferred once again,Dr.Trivedi decided to remain in Bhavnagar.He left government service and opened his own clinic in Central Bhavnagar in 1954,So he could continue the relationship he had developed with his patients over 27 years since he started working at Takhtsinji.Complete with X-Ray Equipment,Laboratory Facilities,and an on-site Apothecary,the clinics goal was simple:To provide accessible Health care to those who needed it.Profit was never a main concern;Some patients only paid when they could at all.However,his valuable service was recognized and rewarded by many,and Dr.Trivedi prospered.His total devotion to his practise and the closeness he had with his patients and staff made him unwilling to retire,and he continued to work into his nineties.his eventual retirement was a forced one,as the clinic was burned during the Gujarat riots of 2002.Dr.Trivedi was 96 years old at that time,likely the oldest practising phycian in India or perhaps in the world.He passed away on 15th May 2006 at the age of 101 and that was the "END OF GLORIOUS INNING"!!!

Dr.C A Trivedi
General Surgeon
Bhavnagar 364001
Phone:-2569616(H), 09825592447 (M)